South Florida’s All Aboard Travel Offers Insights on What Makes Trans-Atlantic Cruising Unique

All Aboard Travel Highlights Variety of Options for Crossing “the Pond;” Key Differences between Trans-Atlantic Cruises and Other Types of Voyages, Along with Cost Savings

Fort Myers, FL (May 28, 2014)—As the prime season for booking autumn trans-Atlantic cruises gets underway in earnest, All Aboard Travel, Southwest Florida’s premier cruise and tour package agency, is educating local residents on the vast options for crossing the Atlantic via cruise ship, including a wide range of cruise lines, price levels and lengths of the trip. Additionally, the travel agency has provided a visual breakdown of how trans-Atlantic cruises differ dramatically from 7-day sailings of the Caribbean, Alaska and Europe. According to All Aboard Travel’s travel agents, the peak reservation period for cruises crossing the world’s second largest ocean is from late May to early June, for departures in October and November, when cruise lines are repositioning ships for the busy Caribbean winter cruising season.

Is a Trans-Atlantic Cruise for You?

There are vast differences between a trans-Atlantic cruise and other types of cruises, such as those in the Caribbean, Alaska or even the Mediterranean. “Most notably, during a trans-Atlantic crossing, you will be at sea for at least six consecutive days versus a 7-day Caribbean cruise when you may only have one or two days at sea,” said Jody Ryland, Vice President, All Aboard Travel. “The top trans-Atlantic cruises are renowned for providing guests with a myriad of options from respected, widely-known speakers on a variety of topics and live music performances to luxurious spa facilities, casinos and more. Although most of the ships provide children’s programming, far fewer children sail on trans-Atlantic cruises. Passengers should plan accordingly for the extra time at sea and take advantage of this opportunity to relax and truly disconnect from their day-to-day lives.

Comparison of Trans-Atlantic Cruise Experience Versus Other Popular Cruise Itineraries:

7-Day Trans-Atlantic Cruise* 7-Day Caribbean, Alaska or Europe Cruise
Flights Involved One-way flight Depends on home port; could be within driving distance, or roundtrip if Alaska or Europe
Days at Sea At least 6 consecutive Up to 3
Destinations At embarkation and debarkation* 3-5 destinations
Onboard Activities Ship’s “typical” activities, plus onboard speakers, personal projects, card games, etc. More emphasis on destinations themselves, although cruise lines also offer many onboard activities
Passenger Demographics Couples, solo travelers, special interest groups, fewer families More families, especially in Caribbean

*Some crossings can be longer, such as 12 days, in which case there would be additional ports near the beginning or end of the voyage.

Trans-Atlantic Cost Savings

All Aboard Travel’s travel agents indicate there is a misconception about the expense involved in trans-Atlantic cruises, and that they can actually cost less than other types of cruises. Here are four reasons trans-Atlantic cruises can be a better value:

  1. Passengers save money because they only need to purchase one-way airfare.
  2. All Aboard Travel purchases in bulk and provides package prices to its clients, which combine airfare, the cruise and the land tour.
  3. Cruise lines often price trans-Atlantic cruises at a lower rate than their regular fares in Europe or the Caribbean. For example, one particular 14-day trans-Atlantic sailing has a starting price of $799 (plus package taxes and fees), and includes a 2-night hotel stay in Copenhagen, Denmark, prior to the cruise, when booked with All Aboard Travel. The cruise line is quoting a 14-day Northern Europe itinerary on the exact same ship, departing less than one month earlier, at well more than double the trans-Atlantic price.
  4. Due to the variety of cruise lines that offer trans-Atlantic crossings, this provides an opportunity for cost savings. “The tour packages that we create involve some of the most popular and in-demand ships plying the world’s waterways – the same ones on which you can relax and sip a margarita in Key West or Cozumel. The general public’s stereotype of trans-Atlantic cruising is that it is reserved for the rich and famous with black tie events every night, but that is not always the case,” said Ryland.

Cruise Packages Provide Greater Variety

All Aboard Travel ( currently features 10 trans-Atlantic cruise packages available for fall 2014. They include four different cruise lines and a variety of pre-cruise land packages, with the total vacation length ranging from 13 to 25 days. “The packages we are providing in 2014 are varied and robust,” said Ryland. “One of the top attractions of our trans-Atlantic packages is that we provide extra nights in a European port city prior to the cruise, or even a more extensive land tour option. For example, All Aboard Travel’s 25-day ‘Italian Silhouette’ package includes a 9-day scenic land tour of Rome, Sorrento and Capri, Italy, prior to the cruise aboard Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Silhouette.” All Aboard Travel’s cruise consultants can also expertly arrange “cruise only” vacations that involve a traditional 7-day crossing on Cunard – the world’s most renowned trans-Atlantic cruise line.

“Our travel agents play a critical role in educating clients about how trans-Atlantic cruises are affordable as well as unique compared to the cruises out of South Florida,” added Ryland. “Because of our expertise in this area, we are able to match the right ship and vacation experience to the right client, particularly for residents of South Florida looking for something a little more extraordinary.”

For more information about trans-Atlantic cruises, contact All Aboard Travel at 866-329-8944 or Or, the agency can be visited in person at 12530 World Plaza Lane #1 in Fort Myers.


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